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Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Looking to lose that extra 40 or 50 pounds? Or are you just stuck at the last 5 to 10 vanity pounds? We have the solution for you.


Body Sculpting

Tired of looking at your double chin? Diet and exercise just not working on that bra-bulge? Muffin-top? Lower abdomen pooch? Banana roll?  You will lose inches and your clothes will fit better. We will put you on your way to zipping up those "skinny" pants! 


Cosmetic Sclerotherapy

Finally rid yourself of those unsightly spider veins. Be proud to show off those legs! 



Smooth out those forehead frown lines. 

Microneedling and Medical Grade Facial Peels

Flawless skin for that special occasion. 



Plump up sagging nose to mouth folds.