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Medially Supervised Weight Loss

We realize that being overweight can be a personal and frustrating experience.  Obesity is now the second leading cause of preventable deaths in America. So many men and women have put on excess weight due to lifestyle, work schedule, and after trying the latest "fad diet." Americans spend over $60 billion annually trying to lose weight.  Those multiple widely advertised "TV diet plans" alone have an average out of pocket monthly cost range of $300 to $800. 

Every patient is unique. We will help you identify your personal weight control challenges, set a realistic goal weight, and customize a weight loss plan to suit your busy lifestyle. Rather than offering a quick fix, our goal is to provide you with a genuine lifestyle change. We will show you how to break down your old bad habits while helping build new good ones. Dieting alone is not the answer; we take a multifaceted approach to weight loss. You will gain the skills required for ongoing success in managing your weight. 

​We use a Body Composition Analysis Scale (BCA) to measure not just your weight and BMI, but also your body fat percentage and lean muscle mass percentage. Our high-tech Body Composition Analysis Scale also determines your basal metabolic rate BMR – that is how many calories your body burns each day.  This high-tech scale uses electrical impedance to detect these parameters. Knowing this information allows us to custom-design a program for you. We will track your progress with the BCA scale so changes can be made based on your ongoing results. This will help navigate you through the process of achieving your ideal weight, and get you through any stubborn weight-loss plateaus.  

You can expect safe, healthy weight loss, personalized attention and dedicated support. We want you to attain your ideal healthy body size while improving your overall health and appearance. Our maintenance packages will help assure that you continue to move towards your goal and stay there. We will escort you through this journey and beyond to help you to maintain your successful weight loss.