Cosmetic Sclerotherapy FAQ

 1)  What types of veins can be effectively and safely treated with this procedure?

Spider veins (top picture) and reticular veins (middle picture).

These are generally <1-3mm in size. 

 2)  Contraindications include, but not limited to:

  • Previous allergic reaction to proposed sclerosants

  • Acute, recent, or recurrent DVT

  • Peripheral vascular disease (arterial or venous)

  • Venous insufficiency, large varicose veins (bottom picture)

  • Documented thrombophilia

  • Anticoagulation

  • Inability to mobilize/ambulate 

  • Obesity

  • Pregnancy/ Breastfeeding

  • Long term use of contraceptives

  • Abdominal/pelvic tumors

  • Uncontrolled systemic diseases such as: diabetes, asthma, toxic hyperthyroidism, cancer, sepsis, fever, acute skin diseases

  • Poor tolerance of compression

 3)  What is "normal" after treatment? How many treatments will I need? 

A very small needle will be used to inject the most widely used sclerosant, Asclera (polidocanol); a very effective agent with low risk of side effects.  At the injection sites, small “mosquito bites”, reddish/brown bruising, or black and blue marks that change to a yellowish color are all normal.  Bruising usually will fade within a week and should be completely gone in 2 weeks. There may be some mild discomfort along treated veins.  The vein may appear like it has not been injected at all, or may appear lighter. The veins can take up to 8 weeks to fade even when properly treated. Number of treatments vary from individual to individual. You may need 2 to 6 treatments, at least 4 weeks apart, depending on your response to treatment and satisfaction with results. 

 3)  What can I do after my treatment?

You will need to purchase compression stockings and wear them for the next 7 days (remove at night). Use your legs in a normal manner immediately after treatment. You may walk or bike ride after the procedure and daily for the next 7 days. AVOID: intensive workouts, heavy exercise, hot baths/saunas, direct sun exposure, prolonged sitting/standing, as well blood thinners like aspirin for the next 7 days.  

 4)  I'm really tired of looking at these spider veins. How much does this cost?

Cosmetic vein treatments start at $150 per session. 

Spider Veins

Reticular Veins

Deep Varicose Veins

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